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Paintings Sven Tura

Here you'll find drawings and paintings of erotic/pornographic nature. Below each picture there may be some general information about the work, including the title, technique/style and the materials that were used. For those pictures still available for sale, the price will be listed. If you're interested in buying something just go to the 'Contact' section. These and (many) other artworks can also be purchased at the artists site: http://ey-sventura.blogspot.com

After A Long Day
Curvy Kitty Cutie
Fluffy Ears - Fatal Dream
Guntlets Skull Heavy Metal
Gunchick II
Nordic Girl
Pocket Knife I
Pocket Knife III
Precious Flower
Rocket Girl
Sitting Pretty
Something You Like
Strange Blade
Sweet Behind III
Tease-X-Danger III
Teeheehee I
Teeheehee II